The 4th EU-Japan Young Scholars Workshop / 2021 International New Generation Workshop : Japanese Studies and Transnationalism 日本研究とトランスナショナリズム

Date : October 29th – 31st, 2021

Place : CEEJA (France) or Online (Zoom)

Organizing committee :
– Consortium for Global Japanese Studies (CGJS)
– Hosei University Research Center for International Japanese Studies (HIJAS)
– European Center for Japanese Studies in Alsace (CEEJA)


In social science and humanities, transnationalism has been a thriving approach to understand our world today. Such global and transnational turn has also impacted Japanese studies. Nevertheless, the relationship between the transnational approach and area studies, including Japanese studies, can be complex. On the one hand, accelerated transnational processes in our contemporary society have urged our debates over the limitation, if not the invalidity, of examining area studies based on the nation-state framework. However, on the other hand, we cannot avoid the fact that the nation-state does remain and operates as a powerful institution that promotes and controls transnational flows and practices even until today. As such, the workshop would like to call for papers that empirically and theoretically touch upon the relationship between Japanese studies and transnationalism. Specifically, we would welcome a broad range of presentations that examine the process, interactions, and outcomes of Japanese transnationalism. Those papers can be historical or contemporary cases from various fields in social science and humanities. At the same time, we will also invite contributions discussing broader debates over the intricate relationship between Japanese studies/area studies and transnationalism mentioned above.

Possible topics for contribution to the workshop include, but not limited to:

  • Discussion over Japanese studies/area studies and transnationalism
    – Rethinking area studies/Japanese studies from a transnational perspective
    – Changed and unchanged position of the nation-state in Japanese transnationalism
    – Analysis of past and existing scholarships discussing characteristics of Japanese transnationalism
  • Empirical studies on Japanese transnationalism
    – Japanese transnational practices in economy, politics and civil society
    – Transnational culture flow and Japan (literature, film, music, art, food, etc.) – Japanese hybridity in ethnicity, culture and identity
    – Japanese way of migration and emigration
    – Transnationalization of religion and spirituality within and beyond Japan
    – Transnational knowledge, adoption, resistance and de-coupling
    – Globalization of language and education in Japan
    – Japanese characteristics of inbound and outbound tourism and foreign travel

Workshop Format

Naoki SAKAI (CornellUniversity), Claudia DERICHS (HumboldtUniversityofBerlin), Sandra SCHAAL (Strasbourg University)

Josef KYBURZ (CNRS), Sandra SCHAAL (Strasbourg University), Akinobu KURODA (Strasbourg University), Nozomi TAKAHASHI (Strasbourg University), Erich PAUER (CEEJA), Regine MATHIAS (CEEJA), Hideto TSUBOI (Nichibunken), OGUCHI Masashi (Hosei University), ABIKO Shin (Hosei University), Kei TAKATA (Hosei University), Yusuke SUZUMURA (Meijo University)

Approximately 10 presenters

60 minutes for each presenter including Q&A

Presentations and comments in English, Japanese or French (no interpretation)

Eligibility, Application, and Condition

Deadline: August 31st, 2021

The workshop is intended for early-career researchers – graduate students, post-docs, and young scholars who hold junior teaching/research positions at academic institutions in Europe and beyond.

Application procedure:
Applicants must submit the following documents to our program administrator (Frédéric Ebrard: 
※ If you are a member of the Consortium for Global Japanese Studies, please refer to the attached application guidelines for members.-  Proposal title

–  Abstract (max. 300 words in English or max. 800 letters in Japanese)

–  Current curriculum vitae

Please note: The workshop will take place either at CEEJA in France or online (Zoom), depending on the COVID- 19 situation. We will inform our decision at a proper timing for you to prepare your particiapation in advance.


Program Administrator : Frédéric Ebrard (CEEJA)
European Center for Japanese Studies in Alsace / Centre Européen d’Etudes Japonaises d’Alsace (CEEJA) 8 Route d’Ammerschwihr 68240 KIENTZHEIM, FRANCE
Tel. (33) 3

Call for Applications in PDF (English)

Call for Applications in PDF (Japanese)