Economic Philosophy in France and in Japan: A Twofold Tradition


Friday June 3rd, 2022
12:30-14:00 (JST)

The literature utilizes various formulas to designate the field where philosophy and economics interact. Among these, it is relevant to discuss some and say ‘economic philosophy’ is to be preferred. It is key that economic philosophers may be able to follow the process of economic science and business in the making, in Japan as in the rest of the world. The field can actually boast a long tradition in France (from the 18th century) and in Japan (since the 1920s) with big names like Sugimura Kozo or Soda Kiichiro at its start and Shionoya Yuichi more recently (deceased 2015). From strictly ‘mainstream economics’ to heterodox approaches to all fields of economics and adjacent social sciences as well, economic philosophy would pervade it all and this presentation will display its key features and make the field easy to understand despite a label that could otherwise sound intimidating and should rather be a source of comparative cultural differences.

Moderator: Adrienne SALA (FRIJ-MFJ)

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